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Working with a number of screenwriters, actors and music composers, to date Paul has made 12 independently produced and funded short film dramas mostly exploring the gentle side of human emotions, from love and lust, to loss and longing, and everything in between. From Hi-Def visual pieces, to animation/live action fusion, to experimental monochrome Super8, and most recently, the 'zoom' genre for his Lockdown Trilogy where Paul has explored more emotional narratives as both Director and Writer.


Paul's shorts have been shown at film festivals around the world. His screenplay 'Dig' was awarded semi-finalist in the London International Screenplay Competition and the three films of his Lockdown Trilogy are currently showing at festivals around the UK.

Junkie Love

2 mins

A fusion of live action and quirky animation telling the true tale of love and lust in rehab. Written by and starring Dudley Sutton, along with Anna Savva (The Durrels)


10 mins

The gentle story of an old man (Dudley Suutton) tirelessly searching for his lost treasure, weaving vast stark visuals of his search, with his cozy life back home


15 mins

Award winning film set in the back of a London black cab, telling four very different stories from four screenwriters, with a pregnant couple confusing life with chess, a man considering life as a woman, an overprotective dad and a date gone wrong

Grandma's Funeral

10 mins

Based on a true story, exploring the emotions of a mother and her two grown up daughters as they prepare for their Grandma's funeral. But will they ever get that skirt on? Starring Anna Savva (The Durrells )

Help Wanted

2 mins

Experimental short shot on monochrome Super8 film stock for the Straight8 film competition (linear filming with no edits) about a homicidal granny who needs some help

Losing the Plot

8 mins

A sensitive film exploring the role of a mother caring for her father with dementia whilst also helping to look after her own children's kids. Starring Dudley Sutton

Run for your Life

2 mins

A woman runs from an unseen menace. Experimental Super8 film driven by the words of the Welsh poem by Gilbert Ruddock.

A Day. A Life

13 mins

Exploring the relationship between a husband and wife as their army son is sent to war

Lonely boy

2 mins

A fairy tale shot on Super8 film about a young boy who wishes for a friend

Lockdown: Quiz Night

8 mins

An old college friend unexpectedly pops up on a Zoom Quiz Night during Lockdown, but his past actions come back to haunt him. MATURE AUDIENCE (Language).

Lockdown: Writers' Room

11 mins

Three writers meet for a Zoom Writers' Room held during lockdown and share their week's inklings.

Lockdown: Stranded

6 mins

A woman is stranded in New York during Lockdown and her husband is trying to get her home. MATURE AUDIENCE (Language).

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