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Sefton Film Festival. October 2005

Ohio Independent Film Festival. November 2005

Sutton Film Festival. November 2005

South London Shorts Competition. May 2006

Phoenix Cinema Independent Short Film Festival. July 2006

Videoteque, Edinburgh Film Festival. August 2006

Marbella International Film Festival. September 2006

HDFest New York. October 2006

HDFest Los Angeles. December 2006

Grandma's Funeral

DC Shorts. September 2008

Videoteque, Edinburgh Film Festival. June 2008

CAN Leicester Film Festival. November 2008

HDFest. December 2008

Son of Movie Bar. February 2010


Rob Knox Film Festival. 2009 (Winner Best Picture)

HDFest (Honorable Mention)

Short Film Festival Los Angeles

Saltburn Shorts. 2010 (Winner Best Film)

Run for your Life

Rotoreliefs. June 2008

Tenderpixel. August 2008

Odders Picture Festival. 2010

Islington Reelscreen. 2010

Losing the Plot

HDFest (Honorable Mention)

Lonely Boy

Angel Moving Image Festival

Help Wanted

Rushes Soho Shorts. 2010

Village of the Damned. 2010

BBC Shorts Night


Junkie Love

Rob Knox Film Festival

Lockdown: Stranded

Get Smart Film Festival. 2020

Lockdown: Writers' Room

Lit Laughs International Comedy Film Festival (Semi Finalist). 2020

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