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Paul has written, directed and produced over 60 TV documentaries. He started with BBC Tomorrow's World, moving briefly onto the Holiday Show and Animal Hospital, before returning to the BBC Science department to make a number of films for the Horizon brand, including bringing D:Ream keyboard player Prof Brian Cox to the small screen. Paul has gone on to work across a wide range of subject matter, from geology, evolution, child psychology, cosmology, public health, archaeology and ancient history, modern history and natural history. He helped radically change the face of science tv programming, was one of the BBC's first 'self shooters', developed and used a 'fixed rig' before it became a genre and was one of the first to make BBC documentary films in Hi-Def. He has made highly acclaimed single films and tv series for all UK terrestrial channels, plus Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet, The Science Channel, Reelz, ZDF and PBS. As an experienced Showrunner and Series Producer, Paul has also developed and had commissioned a number of new series, as well as rebranding existing formats. He has also worked as a series scriptwriter and is currently involved with the development, pitching and scripting of a number of new projects. 

Docs Showreel

Wonders of Life: Size Matters

1 x 59 mins BBC Studios fo BBC 2


Exploring the physics of life in this award winning 5-part series, examining the living world at the very small and large scale, all shot on location in Australia

City Beneath the Waves: Pavlopetri

1 x 59 mins BBC Studios for BBC 2 & Discovery


Investigating a mysterious sunken bronze age city lying just off the coast of Greece, using cutting edge autonomous robotic scanning technology and embedded Hollywood CGI to rebuild the city stone by stone. Narrated by Philip Glenister

How we Got to Now with Steven Johnson: Light

2 x 54 mins Nutopia for BBC 2 & PBS


Award winning 6-part history/science hybrid series exploring the lives and inventions of the unsung heroes who drove the innovations that built our modern world

Body Hits (S1): Detox Devils

2 x 29 mins BBC Studios for BBC 3


This 6-part series helped launch BBC3, and explores the science behind our modern lives, with this episode examining everything from from detox diets to colonic irrigation

Wonders of the Solar System: Dead or Alive

1 x 59 mins BBC Studios for BBC 2 & Discovery


Multiple award winning 5-part series that changed the science documentary landscape, exploring the alien planets and moons of our solar system

Royal Autopsy S1

2 x 46 mins Phoenix TV for Sky History

Writer/Director & Creator

Exploring the lives and ultimate deaths of Charles II and Elizabeth I by conducting an as-real autopsy intercut with sumptuous historical drama. Presented by Prof Alice Roberts

Earth The Power of the Planet: Volcano

1 x 59 mins BBC Studios for BBC 2, Nat Geo & ZDF


Ground breaking 5 part geology series presented by Dr Iain Stewart exploring the power and processes of Earth's inner heat engine that keeps our planet alive

Tsunami: Naming the Dead

1 x 49 mins BBC Studios for BBC 2


Emotional access obs-doc revealing the untold story of the international forensic effort to identify the last remaining victims of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami

What on Earth is Wrong with Gravity?

1 x 49 mins BBC Studios for BBC 2


Rebooted the dated BBC Horizon brand with this road movie exploring the nature of gravity, developing ground breaking CGI to visualise 4 dimensional space and introducing new face Brian Cox

Cleopatra's Lost Tomb

1 x 48 mins Dragonfly for Channel 4 & PBS


Following maverick archaeologist Kathleen Martinez as she hunts for the lost tomb of Queen Cleopatra

Britain's Secret Seas: Giants of the West

2 x 59 mins BBC Studios for BBC 2


This 4-part series reveals the treasures that lie underwater just off the British coastline. Along the west coast, we encounter basking sharks and giant crabs as well as vast wrecks. Presenting team led by explorer Paul Rose

Digging for Britain (S8)

4 x 59 Rare Tv for BBC 4

Series Producer/Director

Rebranded and re-energised this much loved archaeology series presented by Prof Alice Roberts, exploring digs from across the country

Life of a Universe

2 x 27 mins ABC Studios for ABC

Series Writer/Director

With the wilds of Australia as the backdrop, Prof Brian Cox explores the very beginning and the very end of the Universe

What on Earth? (S3)

10 x 44 mins WagTv for The Science Channel

Series Producer & Writer

Investigating unusual structures seen on Earth captured by satellite imagery. Successfully rebooted the creative vision, the on-screen aesthetic and the graphic style, scriptwriting multiple narratives in multiple edits and supervising a team of 20

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