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Paul Olding is a multi award winning, BAFTA nominated (BEST DIRECTOR), television Producer-Director, Series Producer and Writer. With 18 years in the industry, Paul’s work spans science and history documentary, obs doc to specialist factual, feature length drama docs to film shorts, plus BBC serial drama and corporate branded shorts. Comfortable with big budgets to more modest self shot productions, from feature length to promos, Paul is an experienced and creative team leader who brings an imaginative and dynamic vision to each venture. Able to adapt to changing situations, yet maintaining a quality aesthetic on screen, Paul delivers on time, on budget and in style.

 Paul is keen to work with people who think Big, Bold and Beautiful.



Within Drama, Paul’s credits include BBC Doctors, Autopsy, The Genius Sperm Bank, Monsters Behind the Iron Curtain, Nasa’s Unexplained Files, plus nine independently funded Short Film Dramas with strong personal narratives, screening at festivals around the world.


Within Documentary, Paul has made some of the most successful Science and History films on British TV, working with the likes of Brian Cox, Iain Stewart and Alice Roberts. After 15 years working at the BBC, Paul is now FREELANCE and always eager to find his next project.


A zoologist by training, Paul has a doctorate from Oxford University in the vocalisations of Australian Microhylid frogs (he was at one time the world’s second leading expert on Australian Microhylid frogs!). Paul is also a published writer, and an accomplished stills photographer, underwater camera operator, radio broadcaster, and vigneron.



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Things people say

about Paul Olding...


“...Paul is a great television director...he’s also a great writer, vintner, vigneron and above all dreamer...”

Prof Brian Cox, D:Ream Keyboardist


“...Paul is an excellent Producer-Director. Highly organised, imaginative, self-running, with a great visual sense and also an eye for detail and accuracy...”

Jeremy Philips, Executive Producer ITV Studios


“...Paul is a visually talented film maker, a relentless hard worker and a highly organised Series Producer, capable of overseeing large complex projects...”

Greg Chivers, Executive Producer WagTV


“...Paul can be relied on to grasp a brief and deliver a powerful, visually inventive, high quality film on time and on budget....He is equally at ease in specialist factual genres (especially science and history) and has a good quirky eye for drama...”

Chris Grunland, Executive Producer, BBC Studios


“...Incredibly talented, energetic and dedicated. He achieved a genuinely spectacular result..”

Richard Burke Ward, Executive Producer, Pioneer Productions





Things people say

about Paul’s Films...


“...utterly beautiful to look at, full of amazing information and totally compelling...”


“...we went on a clear, exciting, brilliantly filmed and edited journey...”


“ absolute feast...”


“ far the best programme about volcanoes that’s ever been made...”


“...winningly playful...”


“ last some real science on Horizon...”


“...great to see a programme made so easy to understand...”


“...who needs drugs when you can get stones on Horizon...”


“...hat’s off for taking a very difficult subject and explaining it very well...”


“...enjoyable, interesting and informative...”


“...Engrossing and mind expanding. Simply brilliant...”


“...accessible, wry and unapologetically erudite...”


“...filled with incredible facts and was a barrel load of fun...”


“...A beautifully executed piece of science filmmaking...”






Debut Book



The Urban Vineyard

The Urban Vineyard


By Paul Olding




A guide to growing grapes in your

garden or on an allotment and

making your own great tasting wine







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