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The Genius Sperm Bank


Acclaimed Drama Doc about Robert Clark Graham and his Repository for Germinal Choice. Robertís words and encounters are drawn from original quoted sources to lend voracity to a playful account of the ground breaking sperm bank, its assorted donors and clients

Filmed in UK and USA


DoP Chris King/Rob Franklin






Drama series set in a busy Midlands practice following the turbulent lives and loves of the staff and patients. My episodes have (among other narratives) explored sibling rivalry, being old and gay, living with cancer, love, loss and everything in between, including an homage to Dirty Dancing

Filmed on location in Birmingham


DoP Various








Wonders of the Solar System


The first big series for Prof Brian Cox exploring the nature of the Solar System, the interconnections that span the different worlds and the physics that dictate how they exist. Filmed across the globe from a lava lake in Ethiopia, to the giant volcanoes of Hawaii, and filming the solar eclipse across the Ganges in Varanasi.

BBC2 co-pro with Science Channel

DoP Chris King









Four writers. Four stories. One cab. The disparate goingís on in the back of a black cab, from the school boy lothario, to a man talking to his inner woman, to the dysfunctional couple who play their life through chess, to the woman who realises she knows nothing about her lover. Stop the cab.

Filmed in Lewisham

Cinema Release

DoP Mark Langton



Help Wanted


A homicidal granny seeks help around the house, with murderous results. Shot linear on one roll of super 8 TriX film stock for the Straight8 film competition.

Shot in South East London

Cinema Release

DoP Mark Langton








City Beneath the Waves: Pavlopetri


Exploring the archaeology of a bronze age city that lies submerged just off the coast of Laconia in Southern Greece. Taking a Hollywood special effects crew to work on location, the city is rebuilt stone by stone in astonishingly detailed CGI.

Filmed in Laconia, Greece

BBC2 co-pro with Discovery

DoP Paul Olding & Gavin Newman








Earth The Power of the Planet


Exploring the geological heat engine processes that lie deep within our planet that keeps the Earth alive. Presented by Prof Iain Stewart, with innovative CGI and high production values.

Filming in Ethiopia, Iceland, Italy and Namibia.

BBC2 co-pro with Nat Geo

DoP Various







Body Hits


This series helped to launch BBC3. Two episodes, exploring the science of detoxing and the bodyís natural highs. With visually arresting scenes featuring sex, bungee jumps, colonic irrigation and a man walking down Oxford Street in a HazChem suit.

Filmed in UK

BBC3 and BBC1

DoP Rob Franklin



What on Earth is Wrong With Gravity?


For his first stint presenting on BBC Horizon, Prof Brian Cox is taken on a road trip across the USA exploring the nature of gravity. With incredibly innovative CGI visualising the fabric of space time, quirky in camera visualisations to represent the bending of spacetime and Prof Cox introduced to the world.

Filmed in USA and UK


DoP Paul Jenkins






DRAMA credits include the BBC serial drama Doctors, the acclaimed drama doc The Genius Sperm Bank for BBC Horizon, Autopsy, the last hours of Rodney King and Bee Gee Maurice Gibb, and Monsters behind the Iron Curttain, plus numerous independent film shorts including Treasure, Grandmaís Funeral, Taxi and Help Wanted produced by Bongo Reef Pictures.


DOCUMENTARY credits include Earth Power of the Planet (Nat Geo co-pro) with Prof Iain Stewart, uncovering Darwinís Dangerous Idea with Andrew Marr, explorations of Gravity and Time with Prof Brian Cox and the multi award winning Wonders of the Solar System (all co-productions with Discovery Science). The underwater wonders around the British coast were revealed on Britainís Secret Seas with explorer Paul Rose. Then thereís the evolution of human behaviour in Origins of Us with Prof Alice Roberts and the underwater archaeology of a sunken bronze age City Beneath the Waves: Pavlopetri (co production with Discovery). Most recent work includes Wonders of Life about the physics of biology with Prof Cox (again) and short films for Dara O Briainís Science Club.


RADIO reports broadcast on The Science Show on Radio Australia, exploring the English wine industry and the life scientific of Edward Lear on the 200th anniversary of his birth.



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