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In the southern Pelopanese region of Greece, just off the coast of Laconia, is a mysterious submerged Bronze Age city. Named after the nearby island of Pavlopetri, this is a city dating from around 5000 years ago, to the time of Homer’s Age of Heroes.


Now an international team of scientists led by Nottingham Archaeologist Jon Henderson have been given just 3 weeks by the Greek authorities to study the site.





Film Festivals


Vedere La Scienza 2012


ASEAN 2012






Bring out the Gimp!





DoP Gavin Newman

Preparing the camera



Jon Henderson



Team on the beach
























“…Bring out the Gimp…”



Tom Sound



After a trip to Homebase















Jibbing at the water’s edge







Party at the Church













Visual Effects team Simon and Silent John















Day off visit to Vineyard

(Me, in a vineyard, with my reputation?)





















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