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Sunrise on Lundy Island




Following on from the success of Oceans in 2008, Britain’s Secret Seas is new

4 part series set around our own UK coastline. I’m looking after the West and the South…


Follow our filming as it happens on


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Week 1 – Weymouth & Lundy




Filming on Chesil Beach




Chesil Beach




DoP Gavin asleep on the Boat




Frank getting ready to dive

in Lundy



Dolphins around Lundy



Tom getting bird sound




Having a rest




Filming in Lundy



Camping on Lundy





Week 2 – Stackpole Quay







Tom Soundman with his big Dive Flag




Filming topside






Timelapse during the Filming Day







The Team






Week 3 – Brighton & Penzance




On Brighton Pier




Getting the kit ready




Filming below the pier



Looking for Sharks




First day with Paul




John sorting stuff





Swimming with Basking Sharks




Week 4 - Liverpool




Frank on the Atlantic Companion



DoP Graham Barnes and

Sound Alan Parry




Squeezing through a tight gap



Crew lunch box




Unloading at the dock



It’s a wrap






Timelapse on Boat






Week 5 – Here and There




The Isle of Man




Frank tries out MaskCam



Gavin enjoys a banana




AC Stuart ready to go



Safety Diver

Special Agent Dick Barton




Frank ready for action




Travelling light (again)




Team Leader Paul Rose




Diving the

Swash Channel Wreck




Week 6 – All over the Shop




Night Diving in Cornwall



Special Agent Dick Barton

went a little green




Diving the Torrey Canyon



AP Eileen with extra protection



Paul Rose ready to meet the Congers




Paul eating what we just filmed




More scallop bbq




Filming in Plymouth



Sound man Tom




Last Day Filming



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