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A long time ago, almost in a different life, I spent many hours on air presenting assorted radio shows for Oxford’s Oxygen 107.9fm radio station. From talk shows to music shows, science shows, drive shows (not sure if many of our student audiences were ‘driving’ at the time), comedy shows, thoughtful shows and downright silly shows. My favourites were Panache with Richard Reynolds (now more recognised as the Guerrilla Gardener) and Clive Poe’s Retro Show.




During this time I was also working on my doctorate in Australian Microhylid frogs and a chance encounter with a radio producer led to me making a radio documentary for BBC Radio 4 about the decline and disappearance of many Aussie Frogs.


I also helped set up an Asian radio station in Nairobi, Kenya.




Then I went and got a job in BBC tv and kind of forgot about

the radio work. Until another chance encounter…


2012 saw a return to Radio Reporting for

The Science Show on Australia’s Radio National





Nuclear Fusion reaches a milestone

The Science Show

8th March 2014


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Nif card.jpg





Ancient DNA solving riddles of Ancient Plagues

The Science Show

13th July 2013


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ancient dna





The Life Scientific of Edward Lear

The Science Show

8th December 2012


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edward lear






The Royal Society in London



Edward Lear’s Great Horned Owl


The RS Library signing out book showing Charles Darwin borrowed a Lear illustrated folio





The Rise of English Wine

The Science Show

13th October 2012


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The Frog That Croaked

BBC Radio 4




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