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BBC Doctors






So then, I finally landed a gig directing a ‘block’ of 3 episodes of the award winning BBC serial Drama, Doctors. My first three episodes are called ‘Tenderness’, ‘The Collectors’ and ‘A Lighter Note’ which were broadcast in October 2012.


Here’s a taste of my incredible experience.


And they let me back for more…








Radio Times Pick of the Day

‘A Lighter Note’






On Location



The Mill





Working out the back of the camera van – my first scene is complete




That’s me that is





My ‘digs’ – like being a student again

(except with the financial burden)





Hard at work with my

set plans, script and storyboards



Another day, a more cosy base




Time is my friend, not my enemy




Lunch…sort of




Up and down to Birmingham




Another train…another exciting dinner







Dudley Sutton

Shirley Dixon




Paul Kynman

Jessica Rowland



Aryana Ramkhalawon




Qasim Akhtar




Angela Bull



Dan Strauss






With Phil, my Director of Photography








Lorna – Mrs Tembe




Sophie - Cherry




Owen - Heston




Matthew - Daniel






And that is a WRAP




All images © Paul Olding 2012